Ceiling Drapes

Our ceiling drapes can soften the ceiling and give a more comfortable feeling to a room. They are very effetive on their own, but can also be used in conjunction with our room draping products to compeltely transform a plain venue.

We can include low voltage (hotel friendly) fairy lights to add sparkle or to compliment our other lighting products.

Our ceiling drapes are manufatured from a premium quality, flame retardant fabric. They are suitable for venues which have solid anchor points within the ceiling such as grid-ceilings, eyelets or other fixing points. For a quotation please provide us with room dimensions and photos of the room and ceiling. If necessary, we can meet at the venue to dicsuss your requirements.

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights Cotswold Water Park Four Pillars Hotel

Our ceiling drapes are an ideal match to our wall drapes. Here we used fairy lights to continue the theme for a wedding at Cotswold Water Park De Vere Hotel

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights at Bowood House Hotel

Ceiling Drapes with incorporated Fairy Lights to complement our full room wall drapes at Bowood House Hotel and Golf Club.

Ceiling drapes at Marriott Hotel Swindonl

Circus themed event with Ceiling Drapes in alternating colours, full room drapery and complimenting chair sashes at Swindon Marriott Hotel.

Ceiling drapes at Wick Bottom Barn

Ceiling Drapery at Wick Bottom Barn Near Rockley, illuminated using coloured uplighting.

Ceiling drapes and wall drapes Lifford Hall Broadway

Ceiling and wall draping at Lifford Hall in Broadway

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights

VIP evening at Swindon Supermarine Rugby Club with full span ceiling drapes and fairy lights, along with out LED star curtain, illuminated LOVE letters and chair covers

Ceiling Fairy Lights Four Pillars Hotel

Al alternative to ceiling drapes is our low-voltage venue-friendly fairy lights which can be draped from the ceiling. Here they are used with our top table backdrop and uplighters at De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel.

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights to compliment the white starlit backdrop at the De Vere Cotswold Waterpark Hotel